Wow, what a fab weekend we had at Supreme!  So many amazing memories made, beautiful dancing and most importantly fantastic team work! We are so proud of you all Team DC ♥️🖤

Rising Stars Cabaret Groups:

Skimbleshanks-1st place & overall high scoring group of the weekend 

Can’t Turn You Loose- 2nd place 

Rising Stars Cabaret Groups:

Toy Story- 1st place. Extra special well done to these girls as it was their first ever competition!

Shooting Sars Lyrical Groups:

We’ll Be Fine- 1st place 

Shooting Stars Street Groups:

Wasabi- 1st place

Shooting Stars Jazz Groups:

Bad Girls- 1st place

Shooting Stars Cabaret Groups:

Light At The End Of The Tunnel- 1st place & Costume Award 

Technique Award- Dance Connection 

Bird College Scholarship Award- Tia Afilaka

Musical Theatre Dance Challenge Winner- Beth Shaw

Commercial Dance Challenge Winner- Tia Afilaka