Competitive Company

For exceptionally talented children Dance Connection have two Competitive Company Teams to encompass all age ranges from 5-18 years. Company members undergo an intensive training in a series of weekly  training classes. Company members are trained in a diverse range of dance styles and are given as many opportunities to perform as possible.

Company classes are continually working on performance pieces for use in a variety of scenarios including Dance Connection shows, Squad Showcases, Competitive events, Promotional & Charity work. All company members are expected to study Ballet, Tap, Technical Jazz & Modern to supplement their training.  Annual auditions take place for these competitive teams.

Junior Competitive Company

Our Junior Company ranges in age from 10-13 years but often younger members of the Junior Training Squad are given the opportunity to compete as well.

Our Junior Company are trained in all disciplines of dance and have Company Rehearsals once a week. They regularly compete on the national competition circuit and have recently been awarded Highest Scoring Group of the day at several events and are looking forward to taking part in various National Finals across the UK in the upcoming months.

Senior Competitive Company

Our Senior Company is auditioned for once a year and our Company members have intensive weekly training sessions in technique. They compete on the National Competition Circuit and have had a fantastic run of success over the years and hold numerous national titles between them as soloists / trios & groups.

Our Senior Company were the winners of The Move It Capezio Championships and were then signed by global dancewear brand Capezio with whom they worked for 12 months. They also recently represented Squad Dancewear on the Move It Fashion Stage and Can You Dance Super Convention. In 2019 they were asked to dance with Strictly Stars Neil and Katya Jones, in their own show SOMNIUM! 14 dancers from the team were the first ever Team GB Dancers at the IDO Show Dance World Championships 2019.

Many of our Company students are aiming for a career in dance and this is the perfect training ground for them. The Senior Company is something our younger members aspire to and many of our younger pupils are mentored by the Seniors.