Ultimate Dance UK

Well done Team DC!  

Our competition teams had a very successful day in Birmingham at Ultimate Dance UK!

Broadway:  2ndOverall High Scoring Senior Group & Choreography Award

Muskrat Ramble:  5thOverall High Scoring Teen Group

Manicure:  5thOverall High Scoring Senior Group & Fierce and Fabulous Award

Message to All Women:   1stOverall High Scoring Small Group

Hot Lunch:  2ndOverall High Scoring Small Group

Touch:  Lovely Lines Award

Tear Us Apart:   3rdOverall High Scoring Senior Group

Ave Maria:  1stOverall High Scoring Trio

Here come the girls:  2ndOverall High Scoring Junior Group

AvaHinchen:  2ndOverall High Scoring Junior Solo

Mia Burton:   1stOverall High Scoring Junior Solo

Bella Barter:  2ndOverall High Scoring Inter Solo, Runner up Miss Junior Ultimate  & The Storyteller Award

EllieLyes:  1stOverall High Scoring Contemporary Solo, 3rdPlace Miss Ultimate

Emma Harrison:   5thOverall High Scoring Contemporary Solo & Choreography Award, 4thplace Miss Ultimate

Astrid Tozer:   Highest Scoring routine of the day, Technically Terrific Award and winner of Miss Ultimate Title

RheiaReader:   1stOverall High Scoring Teen Solo & winner of Teen Miss Ultimate Title

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